The Canteen is open in Term 1 and Term 4, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday lunchtimes. 

We sell a range of ice blocks and cold drinks priced from 50c to $2. 

If you can help in the canteen, please contact Tenille Weir at 


Price List, as at Oct 2019

Water    $1.00
Juice (Apple, Orange)    $1.00
Flavoured Milk (Chocolate, Strawberry)   $1.50
Quench Flavoured Mineral Water  $1.50
Icy Bites   50c
Icy Poles (Lemonade, Raspberry)   $1.50
Billabongs (Chocolate, Rainbow)   $1.50
Frozen Yoghurt    $1.50
Lifesavers    $2.00